Using Golf as a Fundraiser

Worlebury Golf Club spent 2018 fundraising for Weston Hospicecare and on 20th January, outgoing Men’s Captain Peter Nuttall was delighted to hand a cheque over to the charity for £7083.

Along with the Ladies Captain, Sylvia Cook and Senior’s Captain Kevin Pendergast, the Club held golf competitions, raffles, charity balls and collections in order to raise the fantastic sum.

The cheque was presented at Mr Nuttall’s final speech to the Club as Captain. The afternoon was well attended by members and the final £80 of the total was raised that day during an impromptu auction.

Mr Nuttall said: “As soon as we crept over £6,500 I was determined to get to £7,000 for Weston Hospicecare and I’m so proud of the club for helping us to do it. Myself and my fellow Captains decided separately to support the Hospice before having a conversation about it which was a wonderful coincidence. We’ve been able to really ramp up the donations from the club as we’ve been working towards the same goal.

“There are so many members of Worlebury Golf Club who have a special connection to the Hospice and many of them have said to me how pleased they are that they have been able to help this year, simply by doing something they enjoy. Likewise I’m really pleased we’ve been able to show support to our members by choosing a charity that is close to their hearts. I very much hope we are able to support the charity again in the future through our Captain’s ‘Charity of the Year’ partnership – I may not be Captain anymore but I’ll still be there with my golf clubs on a regular basis, ready to help with fundraising!”

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