Leading Competitive Sports: Airsoft for Beginners

Airsoft game modes in the UK

Airsoft Rules

The airsoft game is often split into two teams or more with a set of objectives for each game. The ultimate goal is to shoot your opponents to make them ‘dead’ or ‘injured’ meaning they can no longer play the game. Various game modes will mean the re-spawn rate will be longer, or no medics used allowing you to play different levels.

If you have been hit, you must raise your hand and say ‘HIT’. This will indicate both teams that you are currently out and they will stop firing at you. The marshal must be informed if you have been hit.

A marshal will be present to keep both teams safe and ensure all rules are followed. If you are having an issue or find that somebody else is playing unfairly, let the marshal know and they will investigate this.

For more rules on playing airsoft, visit this website.

Airsoft Game Modes

Airsoft modes will vary by site depending on what game mode has been selected for that day. There are various game modes including capturing and defending objects, ‘killing’ the enemy or even defending your team.

We recommend contacting your chosen site a few days in advance to ask about their modes for that day. Milsim is a popular game mode offered by many sites across the UK.

Recommended airsoft sites in the UKclick here.

Types of Airsoft Guns

The three main types of airguns are spring loaded, electric and gas powered. There are also accessories that you can purchase to convert and upgrade via attachments. If you are a new player, we recommend using an automatic electric gun as this will make handling much easier and more fun to play. A popular gun includes airsoft assault rifles.

No matter what gun you select, you must choose approved pellets which can be bought from a reputable and trusted supplier. If you use cheap, unauthorised pellets, this can cause damage to your gun.

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